Fibre cellulose mortar was developed with a different formula in the USA in the 1920s. The mixture never reached the commercialisation stage due to the high cost of cellulose. In the 1980s with the increment of waste paper, several alternative groups in the USA began experimenting with different compositions of mixtures and buildings, however most of them were experimental one-off projects.

In 2003 Jose Zavala began developing a formula that could withstand the English weather, have increased thermal properties and could be mass-produced.
In 2006 we formalised this development by registering the company.
In 2008-09, while supported by Cambridge University and funded by Carbon Connection Ltd, we formally developed the material into an initial product.
In 2009-10 Econovate® contacted Lignacite Ltd to start manufacturing trials. The trials showed the need to design machinery to achieve lab results.
In 2010-11 after months of consulting and designing, Econovate® contacted Tarmac Building Products Ltd to support us with developing bespoke technology. This work showed the need to set up a demonstration plant to be able to probe the production process.
In 2011-12 Econovate® was fundraising while improving the process through trial of machinery and testing regime of the product at Bath University.
In 2013-14 Econovate® was awarded enough funding by DECC entrepreneur funds to set up a demonstration plant and reach commercialisation with a certified product.
In 2015, Econovate® achieved all the necessary certifications to go into production.         
    In 2016, Econovate® began production on a small scale. Recently, the company has successfully raised funds to create a fully automated pilot plant. This will increase production to supply demand and will give us the parameter to set up a full size plant.                               In 2017, Econovate® successfully made the plant automatic. In February we began supplying blocks to several exemplar buildings and some of them are already represented in this webpage. There are other exemplar buildings under construction. In December 2017 Econovate has moved out of its pilot plant premises to prepare ourselves for the next stage of installing a full size plant.