DECEMBER 2017 - Econovate® has now moved its headquarter on temporary basis to work in moving forward to the next stage of the company development. The company will be working during 2018 to prepare for a full size plant and start mass production. This is going to be a very exiting and hard work stage to make sure Econovate is successful in entering the market with significant production. We expect that this next stage will take at list 2 to 3 years for us to reach full production. We would be updating the company information and will keep all our clients inform of progress. We would see you soon in our next plant.

8 - 9 NOVEMBER 2017 - Econovate® was at the BEIS stand at the INNOVATE UK 2017 event showcasing it product and project. The company was visited by the Business Minister Claire Perry who was very interested about our product and the potentiality to do something really different. Econovate® was named at the opening peach as a successful case and it is featured at the government "sustainable growth Strategy" document in page 81.

8 AUGUST 2017 - Econovate® is delighted that it has being granted the USA patent No. 9724853.

JUNE 2017 - two exemplar buildings have being incorporated our new page "PROJECTS" which will keep adding photos and feedback from builds. More exemplar buildings to come soon. see here

APRIL 2017 - Econoblok featured at Material 17 conference / expo showing a block and some information within ASBP stand. A lot of interest on our product was generated during this event.

APRIL 2017 - ASBP product of the month, featuring a short article in their website and newsletter. See article

MARCH 2017 - Econovate® has almost completed its plant automation and production is underway. The team expect to increase production and create stock within the next 6 months. At the same time, some deliveries have started and exemplar buildings will be ready by the summer.