Jose Zavala and Marga Pelli


BUSINESS ANGEL - currently 8 private investor

Latest investment was to automatize our pilot plant to increase productivity and haveparameters to upscale to a full size plant. The last round of investment was organise by Simmons Gainsford Corporate Finance LLP.


We are looking for £1m to £1.5m to support the company on its next stage of development/growth. In our next stage we are aiming to to reach breaking even point and this can be achieve with one shift of production. Reaching this point will allow us to increase productivity, add more shift to make profit, and have a demonstration plant to attract partners such as paper mills for further growth.  This first plant will become a productive and demostration plant for future growth and replication in the UK and abroad. 

If you are interested and would like to receive a business plan package please contact Marga Pelli on: or 01442 212427 who will send you more information.