The EconoBlok® is made of waste paper/cardboard diverted from landfills. It’s a lightweight load-bearing block with high thermal performance and acoustic properties. It has an appearance of a standard concrete block, however its usual behaviour is that of wood. The advantages are:

  • Made with up to 85% of recovered waste product, mostly waste paper and cardboard.
  • Increases thermal performance up to 1/3 of any other block in the market.
  • No need to re-train workforce, as it incorporates the use of well known technology.
  • Strong pulling strength, behave like timber and any type of cladding can be used on an EconoBlok® wall. No need for special glues, or plugs (see testing video page).
  • Does not need PVA coating before rendering; a splash of waste is sufficient. Strong grip on render, up to 20mm, without showing signs of cracking.
  • The blocks accept any render or mortar available in the market like any other block.
  • The block could reduce up to 89% of the embedded CO2 emissions.


The product is currently in the process of achieving Product Certification from LABC/NHBC.
All the tests have been performed at UKAS registered testing houses.

  • Dimensions:                                      440 x 215 x 100 mm
  • Weight:                                              12.5 kg- Laid weight: 110 Kg/m2
  • Dry density:                                       1100 Kg/m3
  • Strength:                                            5N/mm2
  • Moisture movement:                         0.27 mm/m (expansion)
  • Thermal conductivity ʎ (design):      0.15 W/mK (protected blocks)
  • Reaction to fire:                                 B-s1, d0 (suitable for Timber)
  • Sound reduction fair faced:             46dB (single leaf-block naked)
  • Durability (Freeze and thaw)            F2 (withstand severe weather conditions)