CROSSBROOK ROAD - CHESHUNT - HERTFORDSHIRE - 2017 - A two floor house EXTENSION done with EconoBlok®

Comments from project's development manager:

"The blocks were easy to use. The ability to drill directly into the block saved a lot of time compared to using standard blocks with wall plugs. The Eco-friendly properties of the block have helped us to ensure that the building will be thermally and acoustically better performing than if we were to use standard blocks.

We will definitely use these blocks again as an alternative to the standard blocks"



DUKE AVENUE - LONDON - 2017 - A two floor house NEW BUILD being done with EconoBlok®


Comments and feedback from project manager:

"The blocks are easy to use. And this is very good for the green credentials.

I am imprese about the accoustics, this will be very good fo the houses as they are very near to eachother."